Sunday, 15 November 2009

Its been a while since I posted but things have been quite busy here and the last thing on my mind has been blogging.

Work has been quite good since I got back there as I was off for three weeks in October with a bad back. Although many of the guys at work (teasing me) that I was just blagging it. We have had a change around at work and we have all moved teams again, I'm now on fencing with Bob whose the supervisor we call him Waz not sure why however.

I have just got back from having contact with Tanis, which went well apart from the odd shower or too, the weather here has been really bad the past few days, very windy and wet. On my travels today in the areas that my works cover I have seen a few fences down so I should imagine that I am going to be quite busy, for the next few days.

At the moment Kelly is cooking dinner, we are having a pork roast it smells lovely in the house. On Friday I surprised myself Kelly cooked up a Liver and Bacon Casserole, which I have to admit I was very apprehensive about, I don't like liver. Mind you that was until I ate this casserole, it was really nice, and I enjoyed it. Kelly said maybe it was a different kind of liver, as it was Beef liver I had, and it may have been pigs liver I had and that is a stronger flavour.

Well it should be an interesting week ahead so maybe if I have got the time I'll try and write another blog...


Saturday, 24 October 2009

Its Saturday Afternoon

Well, I am going to have to get myself in some sort of getting up early routine by next Wednesday, as its back to work again, and at the moment I have been getting up at 10's and 12pm's hmmm not good.

I have too say though my back is a lot better than it was not good but better, still a niggly pain there when I get up in the morning's (or is that Kelly) nope its my back :P

I got up this morning a swept the carpet, hopefully the new hoover belts will arrive soon and the hoover will get fixed. Today I am unsure about whats going on I was planning on going out this evening, with the Lads from work but, with the weather as its I doubt it, plus there's a slight issue of money that comes into it.

(Hang on I need to change the CD)........................................................

That's better was playing the Carpenters Gold Album but it was getting depressing, so Bon Jovi's Lost Highway albums gone on now....... :)

Well I best go an plan out the rest of my day, Oh don't forget the clocks go back here in the UK tonight......


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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bad Backs and Haircuts!

Well the weeks gone ok, the fact that I am off work with a bad back, hasn't made me into an invalid, although there are things that I still would dare lift. But hopefully I should be back to work next Wednesday, I was thinking Monday but I think the wiser course of action would be to use all the time I have got to get better.

Well Tuesday Kelly and I went down the town, where we went and got a few bits that we needed, including two shelving units for the bathroom, a corner shower caddy and an undersink shelve unit, both in chrome and look very nice, however the shower unit one is a headache the shelves, are loose on the collers that they are supplied with so I'm going t have to modify slightly........ Kelly and I also went to the Rainbow Restaurant, for lunch all in all it was a really nice day, it made a change as we haven't been out together for a while like that, so I enjoyed the afternoon. After I dropped Kelly off I went to see Tanis, who I shall say is doing really well at school, we spent a couple of hours playing Super Mario Carts on his Nintendo Wii, which I might add I won one race out of 10.

Yesterday I got my Haircut I felt it was time to get it shorted out, it was becoming a mess, so I got it cut short, heres a piccy for you to see,

As you can see it is slighly shorter than it has been, lol.

Well today I belive we are going out again somewhere not 100% sure but I'm sure I will find out, soon enougth. Well catch you laters, I got an appointment with a kettle and a coffee cup......


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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Off work

Well not a lot has happened since I last wrote, however the past week I have been off work thanks to my back saying its had enough and protested to function as a back should and causing me tremendous pain. Went too the Doctors and he signed me off for a week. Well that's all well and good, but there I was all set to going back to work, and bang it goes again, not as bad as last week, but enough to make me think about giving it another week rest.

I got the doctors again tonight, so I'll be off as soon as I have finished this, its going to be interesting to see what he says this time. I've been put on Co-Codamol and Diclofenac Sodium for the pain, it works and takes the edge off it, but its bloody expensive for prescriptions now its £7 per item on the form. I think the Government should follow suit to Scotland and abolish the prescription charges all together. But they won't it means more money in the Tax mans pockets, for the government to squander.

Well best sign off otherwise i'll never get to the doctors


Saturday, 26 September 2009

A lot has gone on, but I haven't writtern in.

A lot has gone on, but I haven't written in.

WHY? cause I forgot me blasted password again....... I have been fishing a couple of times which if you go to my fishing blog you can keep up there with that side of things....

On this one however its a bit more hmmm what have I been up too........

A Couple of weeks ago Kelly and I went to Eastbourne's Pets at Home and Argos Extra , I was meant to be paying for it but however it wasn't till we got to Eastbourne that I realised I had left my wallet at home! oops can't be help but hay I got it sorted I paid for the Tesco shopping, and Kelly paid for the other bits, anyway at the pet store they were selling really nice dog beds at half price and Lindita and Lupi needed new ones so we got them one each.

We then went to Argos Extra and Colin with the intention of buying Kelly a new PC desk buy looking at what they had (which was crap) we decided to get a big bookcase so we bought one. I expertly got it into our little Citroen Saxo. We came home and I put it together, Its now standing up in the front room with the few books that Kelly has got lol. I say few, but this bookcase is packed solid with books I think we need another one..... I have been informed there are Loads more at her Ex's house waiting for her to pick up. But Kelly dear NO! they are staying there.

I topped up both of our World of Warcraft accounts last week so I have been playing that again that for the past week its been interesting Kelly, Ben and I are running around doing some of the low level stuff we have missed. So that's been fun

I have been a bit worried about Lupi. Hes gone rather thin quickly and his appetite is normal and he is up to date with his worm/flea/tick stuff that he has. And his fur is fine and not gone funny other than maybe old age., I can't think what else maybe wrong, if he looks to be getting thinner, then I will take him to the vets. see what they say, :(

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Not a bad weekend at all.......

Well this weekend was a pretty good weekend, Kelly and I went down the town on Saturday, we had a few things to get so we decided to make an afternoon of it, Kelly needed a new Handbag and Purse, and she wanted to go to Waterstones and but a couple of books, And to go to flibbertigibbets (or something like that) for her Yankee Candles. Me I wanted to go to the Fishing Tackle Shops, as I'm kitting up again to start Freshwater Fishing again, I have done it before but Years ago when I was a lad, and My Dad and me went. I can actually remember the last fish I caught and that was a 9lb pike.

Anyway we had lunch at the Rainbow, after a that a bit more shopping and we came home, was a bit of a rush as we had a BBQ to go to around our friends. Which went really well the food was brilliant, best BBQ I have been too in a long time.

Sunday went quick too, I took Tanis too a fun fair in Eastbourne and they actually had a Ferris wheel which Tanis and went on, as well as a few other rides, hes really starting to shoot up in height now he's nearly as tall as me now. Well that was my weekend.

Tonight Kelly and I are going fishing with Kelly's sister and partner, it will be Kelly first ever time fishing. I'll keep you informed of how that goes via my fishing blog. I do also have a book blog in case your interested.

Well I best get ready for work now.......


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Its Thursday and i'm bloggin oo er

It been quite weird this week so far, at work I have been made a supervisor for two weeks, they have actually let me step up a bit. I have been a supervisor before with another company. So it hasn't taken long to adjust. Its been weird cause people attitudes have change slightly at work towards me. Its like oh Colin's management now we best not say too much or he'll grass us up suppose that's normal with this Yesterday I had a supervisors meeting, and another meeting, with my line manger and his boss. Which went very well.

Last night me and Kelly went around to Kim's my ex's. For a cuppa, which was interesting, I ended up sorting out her PC. with Mozilla, and Twitterfox. After that we ended going to Tesco's for a few bits. That was it really we missed CSI Miami this week, but think is repeated again on Friday.

Today well it the same old routine to go, go to work (get wet as its decided to rain today), come home, have dinner get washed and change, go out, come home, go to bed........ Oh yeah there maybe excitement but have to see on that one.....

Well best go and get ready for work... Catch you later's.....

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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Hell I'm behind again.......

Ok Ok so I'm a very bad person, I promise to keep up with blogging and I don't, not quite sure why perhaps its a case I haven't got much too say. Or maybe its a case of I never know where to start I don't know. Well I have decided. I'm going to start from here. And not try to catch up cause that would be a mission impossible.

So here goes Today being Sunday was my contact day with Tanis my 13 year old boy. I took him to the funfair that is in town, it comes down every year about this time as its carnival week..... Mind you I was most disappointed with it. They ride were crap and too expensive, I found out later on that Rye a town near by had its annual raft race today, I wish I had known cause I would have taken him there. Al the same Tanis enjoys himself with what ever he does he is a very easy child to please lol.

On think I well recap on is that two weeks ago my 17 year old son Carl came down to stay with us for a week. I have to say it was really nice having him here I got a chance to get to know him better, it sounds weird but he lives over 100 miles away. And when I do visit I don't really get a lot time with him. I hope that he will come down again soon. Christopher my other son hes 18, but hes more of a Nannies boy, Carl I think is ready to fly the roost, he has been dropping hints to move in with Kelly and me. May prove awkward as Kelly and I are hoping to move pretty soon, to a two bed house. That's properly closer than we think but we will just have too wait and see.

Tonight I think its a early night for me as I got work tomorrow but the same old crap.... Oh how I wish something just something exciting would happen at work then at least i would have something to say about work.

Also tomorrow is Kelly's 21st Birthday again, I have lost count the amount of 21st she has had lol at least 24 lol. So as its her birthday, I am cooking dinner tomorrow, mind you not sure sausage and chips will cut it somehow lol...

Well best go things to do......


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Hello People just testing my

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Bloggers Block

You know I am really bad at blogging, her across the the room is always nagging at me to write a blog, but to be honest half the time I haven't really got a lot too write about, or its a case of got so much but unsure how to write it down, I call it blogger

So here you go I am blogging, something lol..........

I can't think where to start its been way to long.... So I'll start again....... after the days gone, I think tonight we are planning on watching The Dambusters, with the twin on our Saturday movie night. I actually thought we were going to a barbecue... But that looks like its been cancelled.

I know my Mum and Dad were supposed to be coming down the last weekend in the month but unsure if that going on, as no ones rung me,

The past few days I have been really snappy, I think its a case of overworked, stress, and worry.

I have had Kelly with her her gallbladder operation, which has been stressful for Kel Kel's and a worry for me, in the same week Kim my Ex (Tanis's Mum) had a Heart Attack, so I have had the stress of that on top, Kellys op was about three weeks ago now, and shes still feeling yucky as she calls it, Kim on the mend she's a lot better.

Kelly and I, are planing on moving, we are on the homemove scheme, and waiting to here about the bid we put in for a 2 bed house. hopefully hear something by Tuesday next week.

Its been interesting at work, I actually passed my Chainsaw licence, and I got to fell some trees two weeks ago that was in a void garden, unfortunately a wasp nest put a sudden stop to me progress, got stung three time, my manager who is allergic to wasp stings got stung once. luckily it had no ill effects on him........ Got the wasp killers in to remove the nest a week later. and finished off the job. I did have a picture taken but my fellow work mate has been off all week so i haven't been able to get it off his phone. once that happens I'll update this blog with it........

Well I think today we have got to sort out this front room so I best go....

Hey what do you know I wrote a blog lol......
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Sunday, 14 June 2009

A week in the Forest...

Last week was a great week, I was on my CS30/31 Chainsaw course again, And all week I was in the forest of Herstmonceux Castle, It was great so stress free, and relaxing, even though I had to learn how to cut trees done and remember the information given to me by the instructor I still found time to take in the surroundings.

The course went really well, compared to the last time I did it. Last time I passed the CS30 but failed the CS31. Oh best explain them CS30 is the City and Guilds NPTC level 2 Certificate Maintain and Operate the Chainsaw, The CS31 is the Fell and Process Small Trees part of it. A small tree isn't Small as in garden terms its small iv forestry terms, up to 25ins in Diameter and anything from 40ft to 60ft+. The biggest tree I took down last week was a 100ft Scots pine. at about 24ins Diameter.

Everyone here was worried that I would chop of body parts, I think Kelly was worried about one part in particular....;)

Well apart from that Kelly and I went to our friends on Thursday and started up our old Gaming group again, it was like old times with the only person that has really changed is me, well I am a bit rounder now.... :)

Saturday evening Kelly, the twins and I sat and watched some films Hellboy II and The Ironman, Kelly cooked up some pop corn, I say cooked but the first lot she did was flame grilled as it caught fire in the microwave lol. Kelly's Belly played up big time last night, she had a very bad time of it, she was in a lot of pain, and it scared her a lot. Apart from that it was a good evening and hopefully we will be doing that every Saturday......

Well today its an unsure day I got painting to do but Kelly is contemplating going out, for the afternoon as its a nice day, so we shall see.

Well GTG I'll catch up with you laters

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Its been a while......

Not quite sure what happened really I suppose life got in the way of me blogging, I have been quite busy of late and things have been going so fast this month it has been unreal, the problem I got now is where to start, as I have the memory span of a goldfish. So forgive me if this blog is fragmented but it can't be help.

Ok then where shall I start, Oh yeah Tanis to begin with, My Son is the most luckiest boy I know he has gone to Australia for 4 weeks, Brisbane to be precise. He's been there for a week already, and I had a few picture sent to be, I been Tanis has never been on a plane before, so what a baptism it was not only did he fly to the other side of the planet but he did it in style on the World Largest Commercial passenger plane the Airbus A380. He flew from Heathrow too Dubai for a couple of days then on to Brisbane. Where he is have a great time as I said I have had a couple of pictures and here they are.


Once I get some more I will post them.....

Ok so what else has happened, Oh yeah First thing that happens is my exhaust fell off my Car and cost me £134 to get it fix I mean it just happened to be the most expensive part on the system. Then my CV gator boot slips off the and sprays grease all over the wheels, that has now been repaired by Citroen after 3 unsuccessful attempts by A.T.S, they ended up paying for it, well they tried to fix it with a plastic Cable tie when really it should be done up with a steel clip, which is put on with a lot pressure. Ok so that the car.

What's next oh yeah the cooker, our 5 month old Beko Electric cooker went wrong about two weeks ago, and Kelly rung them up first and they turned around and said that the wiring is wrong, and if they sent the engineer out for that it would cost us over £50. So Ivan and I tried to fix it by replacing the mains cable, this was to no avail. Anyway after making sure that we have done everything we could possible do, I rung up Beko customer services, and I got an engineer to come out Last Friday after twelve. Ok great yeah right Kelly was meant to go to her Fat club on Friday but as she has been very active this week she's was a bit achy plus with all the stress of everything going on its taken a toll on her, I gets a phone call at work on Friday, from Kelly, I say Hello Babes as normal and I got I am fuming, instant reaction in brain ok what have I done now lol, Kelly added ' the engineer left a message on the answer phone said that he had called at 9:30 and no one was in, and that he had left a card. Now as you know we have dogs, and if anyone knocks that door Lindita opens up with a torrent of barking. and that did not happen.

Kelly had rung the customer service line again and they said that I never arranged a PM call, technically calling me a liar, now Kelly was in the room when I made that call and heard me state I want an afternoon call. So they had to check the recording of my conversation, which they discovered I was right I had, and the got the engineer to call ASAP.

Well he came in asked what was wrong Kelly said one hob isn't working nor is the oven he said that hob I presume and pointed at the one that wasn't working. He opened it up bypassed the thermal fuse and put in a new one, afterwards stating that it was a design floor with our model of cooker, he also said that the people on the phone have got no right to say what they said about the wiring. So now we have a working cooker.

Don't think for a minute I am finished yet, Our Kodak printer stopped printing properly and I had to in the end admit defeat and get it sorted, I rung up Kodak and they said it sounds like the printer head and that they would send out a new one, and do you know within 48 hours it was delivered. Absolutely fabulous service from them.

Ok what else, as Kelly stated in her blog and you may have read it thing normally happen in threes well try they don't who ever said that wants their brains testing. Cause after all this well I say after all this this was going on during all of the above our BT phone packed up so we ended up buying a new one.

Now I swear if anything else goes wrong I am going to just lock myself away and hibernate for a lifetime.

Ok so that's all the crap that has happened lets end this blog with some other news, Kelly and I are moving home, and have put ourselves on the transfer list, and are now waiting too hear for the survey guys to come around and inspected the property, before letting us on the list. So that something we both have too look forward too.

OH yeah Kelly and I bumped into some old friends the other day and went around their house, and have now arrange that we are going to start our role-playing hobby up again, no not that role-play the Dungeons and Dragons, type of role-play, we used to do that years ago. So that's good. what else......... Oh yes I restart my Chainsaw course on Monday, and I passed my level 3 land based Engineering course that I have been on day release too from work. I think that's it .........

Yep I think so if I think of anymore things I blog it at a later date........

Well BFN gtg dinner time

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I was Rak'ed

I case you're unfamiliar with this term RAK (Random Act of Kindness), its something that happens on Kelly I-Love-Cross-Stitch-Group on Yahoo, which I am a silent member to help out if theres problems. Well Rene La Frog a member of the group sent me... A Dragon Sun Catcher and a Las Vagas Thimble......

So I would like to say thnk you to Rene for these


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

10 Sat-Nav Disasters

Satellite navigation systems have revolutionised driving over the past decade or so, saving us time and fuel - and a whole lot of arguments with backseat drivers and map-readers too! But sometimes things can go wrong. Very wrong. Here are some of the worst sat-nav mishaps from around the globe - and some advice on how you can avoid them.

  • Cars and water don't mix, as a driver in Glubczyce, Poland, found out. He doggedly followed the instructions of his sat-nav - ignoring the road signs telling him that the road ahead was closed - and drove straight into the middle of a reservoir. Fortunately the man and his passengers clambered onto the roof of the car and were rescued by the emergency services.

  • In 2008, Syrian lorry driver Necdet Bakimci found himself stranded on a nature reserve in Gibraltar Point, Lincolnshire. He was 1,600 miles from his intended destination: Gibraltar, on the southern tip of Spain. Confusingly, his sat-nav system listed Gibraltar as being in the UK (because it's a colonial outpost). Confronted with a choice of two Gibraltars, both seemingly in the British Isles, Bakimci and his cargo of luxury cars took a 3,200 mile detour.

  • Want to move up in the world? Then buy a car at auction. When police sold the Duchess of York's Jaguar, the lucky buyer got more than he bargained for. The car's in-built sat-nav system was programmed with the address shared by the Duchess and her daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, along with locations of some of the favourite haunts of Britain's aristocracy.

  • Villagers in Exton, in southern England, were so used to trucks getting stuck down a two-metre wide country lane that the council put up signs telling drivers to ignore their sat-navs and take a different route. Dozy HGV drivers who relied on their GPS devices had to reverse half a mile, causing damage to hedges and fences, in order to turn around.

  • Police in Victoria, Australia have urged drivers not to discard their old-fashioned maps. An increasing number of motorists have been stranded after relying on their GPS systems, getting taken on routes that are only accessible to four-wheel drive vehicles. Many parts of Australia do not have up-to-date digital mapping and sat-nav companies have been relying on data that can be up to ten years out of date.

  • Zhou Xia and Zhao Na Na's crime spree came to an abrupt end when they were stopped by police in Doncaster, Yorkshire. They were found carrying thousands of Euros and a number of stolen credit cards. But the most damning evidence was the sat-nav device, programmed with the addresses of all the Post Offices that they had defrauded.

  • State troopers in Vermont, USA have called for GPS users to exercise common sense after a series of inattentive drivers found themselves following snowmobile trails. One soldier from Fort Drum, NY, drove so deeply onto a trail that police had to use a snow tractor to drag him to safety.

  • A hospital patient on a ward transfer got taken on an eight-hour magical mystery tour, thanks to bungling London ambulance drivers. Blindly trusting their sat-nav device, the ambulance crew took the patient to a hospital on the outskirts of Manchester, 200 miles away, when they were supposed to travel a mere 12 miles to Brentwood, Essex.

  • Doncaster man Robert Jones had the shock of his life when he found his BMW 5-series teetering on the edge of a steep drop. Following instructions from his sat-nav, the professional driver found himself on a narrow pedestrian lane in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. The 43-year old is due to appear in court on a charge of driving without due care and attention.

  • Redditch woman Paula Ceely cheated death en route to her boyfriend's house in Wales. Her sat-nav system took her to a large metal gate. Certain that this was the correct route, she opened the gate and, moments later, found herself in the path of a railway train. She jumped out of the way as the train smashed into her Renault Clio and carried it down the track. 'I'll never use a sat-nav again,' she told the Daily Telegraph.
On seeing this I am considering never using mine again.......

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Opps, has it been that long.......

Well has it really been that long, since I last wrote tut tut naughty me, slap my wrist's. Well I'll try and catch every up with you but I'll properly skip a few things. As I can't really remember the whole detail.

Ok here goes, two weeks ago I was driving to college when I started to here a rumbling sound coming from my engine, now either someone had increase my engine size overnight and changed the bore on my exhaust. Or my exhaust was about to blow out. Well gets home early and I check out the exhaust pipe yep a small hole had appeared by the joint to the middle from the front pipe, ok I thought that will last till I get paid.

Next day gets up as normal to go to work, gets in the car pulls off not less than 50yds later cluck the exhaust drops off...... grrrrr. But wow the car sounded like a monster truck...... So I quickly got out my pushbike and cycled into work. In fact that what I did until last Thursday. Now Pay day for me is the 20th of every month and I couldn't afford the £134 pounds for the part until then, It was that much as the section that had gone had the Catalytic converter on it, the most expensive part on the exhaust and it goes.

Well anyway Kim my Ex wife (Tanis Mum) offered me the money to get it fixed, as this Sunday Today is the last time I will get to take Tanis special as next Sunday he leaves for Brisbane Australia, luckily toad. Tanis is going to have a baptism into flying in big style I mean the other side of the world, You can't beat that unless you want to holiday on the International Space Station,lol. So thanks to Kim I got that fixed and the car now sounds so quite I have to rev it every now and then to check the engine is still running lol.

Friday evening just gone Kelly, Ben and myself went to the Windmill for something to eat, which was nice. Yesterday Kelly and I went shopping at Tesco's and spent most of the day chilling out.

Today it was my time with Tanis, and when I got there I was informed that Tanis had been given the money to buy a hamster and cage and Tanis wanted Daddy to help him choose one so after an afternoon spent along the seafront I took Tanis to the Pets at home store in Bexhill, where he chose a cute white and tan hamster, I picked out the home and the other bits and paid for them. Ok easy huh oh yeah right. I gets all this stuff to Kims house get ready to build this cage up which is one of those that we have got for our hamster (A habitrail ovo suite), lines up the pieces and suddenly notice the roof was missing now this was at 3:4pm Pets at home shut at 4pm. I was straight onto the phone after ringing Keel's to tell her I'd be late home. The appolgised and said if I head up there they would open the shop up and let me swap it. When I got there they had built it up for me and they gave me £10 pounds in gift vouchers.

Well I got it back and set it up and Tanis put the hamster in, not sure what he's called her at the mo as I had to get back quick as by this time is nigh on 5:30pm.

Well that's about it I think.... I'll try and keep up with this in future


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday with Tanis

Well Today was Sunday and that means contact with Tanis yet again..... I was all set to take Tanis, to Hastings Seafront, however Tanis had other ideas. When I got to his Mums Tanis handed me this leaflet and ask if we could go see the cars, the leaflet was about the Eastbourne Motor Show. So I took him there the traffic was an nightmare on the way, not surprising really considering its Bank Holiday Weekend. When we got there, Tanis soon found is ideal car.

<span class=

Well he likes sports cars and the colour green.

We walked around looking at the other cars, It made me feel quite old cause every model car I have had was there, except my Citroen Saxo, but I'm sure one day it will be come a After walking around the car we found a funfair and Tanis went on the Dodgems. And a couple of side stalls. Before we headed home. The drive home was just as bad as getting there.

Well that's my day well afternoon anyway.


Saturday, 2 May 2009

Hollington Jungle tamed....

Well today was gardening day and thanks to work allowing me to borrow the tools I was able to transform this......


to this


Not a bad days work in the garden.....

Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Day started with a Bang!

Well today was college day and All was going well until, I just pulled up at a set of traffic lights, went to put my handbrake on and BANG! Some idiot, decided to not concentrate and use my car to stop with......

I got out, as did the other gentlemen, to inspect the damage luckily there was none that I could see, he wasn't going very fast and the fact I had not put my handbrake on at that point may have helped soften the blow. Anyway we exchange details as I wanted to get the chassis looked at just incase.

Apart from that the day went well, got home early to find Kelly had gone out with the dogs which was nice, for her I think its great that Kelly is getting out more now, really happy that she is, and proud of her...

Anyway got to go MAY be walking the dogs again pends on Lupi, Kelly and their legs lol..


Sunday, 26 April 2009

A visit to a very small railway

Well as I have already said in my last blog entry today it was my contact day with Tanis..... I decided to take him to Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway. Its not a bad place rather cheap, It was £4.25 for me and £3.25 for Tanis. that gave you one ride on the train, the nature walk, and access to the model railway sets, which cost 20p to power them up. and play on the adventure playground, (Although I didn't see the small print saying recommended age 12 under, oops Tanis is 13). Members of staff were walking around and didn't comment

We had a drink, and went on the train for the second time and then headed for the gift shop, before which I manged to ask one of the staff to take this picture.

From the gift shop I brought Tanis a Green cap with the Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway's logo on it, and I brought a leather key ring and a thimble for Kelly.

All in all Tanis seamed to enjoy himself, and after dropping him off i headed home to have my dinner, Roast chicken with the trimmings yum.

ESAS - Royal Observertory of Greenwich trip

Well yesterday Kelly and I went on the Trip to the Royal Observatory of Greenwich (ROG), This is home to the Prime Meridian of the World, its basically the line where you all align your clocks too...... Its why you are +8(GMT) or -8(GMT), GMT = Greenwich Mean Time..

we have been before but we thought well its a day out, so lets do this again. At the ROG, they had a new Planetarium. So We thought we would give that ago. I have been to a Planetarium before, and it was that I believe that triggered my fascination for Astronomy....

The Peter Harrison Planetarium at Greenwich, has a cone which is one of the single largest uses of bronze in the world, It is made of nearly 250 individual plates welded together and made to look like on piece, the shape of the cone is related to the stars and unique to its location in Greenwich.

The whole Planetarium is aligned with the prime meridian line, the sloping side of the cone points towards the north celestrial pole.

The north side of the cone is aligned with the point in the sky perpendicular to the Greenwich local Horizon (zenith). The cone is sliced at the angle parallel to the celestial equator....

I hope I didn't bore you with those facts, but I found them interesting and its what I am into, so there I shared it :)

Kelly and I also went to the National Maritime Museum, the last time we went we didn't cover the whole museum so this time we just looked around some of the bits we liked before and the ones we missed, which included Lord Nelson uniform, that he wore when he got shot by a french sniper in the battle of Trafalgar, you could see the bullet hole in the Left shoulder, I always thought he tripped over the plague on the HMS victory saying Lord Nelson Fell here lol.

Anyway the day came to a close, and we headed home, I think Kelly had done a lot judging by the fact she feel asleep on the way home....

When we got back we went to the Rainbow for dinner and then went home. All in all I enjoyed the day the weather was nice, the company was nice. Anyway I got to go now it Sunday so its time to go and see Tanis.


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday and a day off.....

Today I had the day off work, as Kelly had to attend a pre surgical medical check ant the conquest hospital, I got up at normal time 6am as I didn't want to get out of my routine for getting up for work. It all went well at the hospital for Kelly they checked her for MRSA. Whilst I was at the hospital I read this poster and the things on it described me to a tea...

17" Collar
Extremely loud heavy snoring, often interrupted by pauses and gasps
Excessive daytime sleepiness, e.g., falling asleep at work, whilst driving, during conversation or when watching TV. (This should not be confused with excessive tiredness with which we all suffer from time to time)
Irritability, short temper
Morning headaches
Changes in mood or behavior
Stop breathing for short periods from 10 to 90 secs, ending with a gasp

Now most of that describes me very well particularly the; Extremely loud heavy snoring, often interrupted by pauses and gasps, Excessive daytime sleepiness, and more so stopping breathing for short periods from 10 to 90 secs, ending with a gasp. Which is worrying........ If it continues I think a visit to the doctor is in order.

After the hospital Kelly and I went to Tesco's for a little shopping, I also went to order my spec's, that I discovered I now need after an opticians appointment on Thursday.

After dropping Kelly and the shopping off I headed off to see Tanis. I watched him on his bike today which he is getting really good at and now he wants Daddy to take his bike up there so that he can race me lol....... After that I came home and had dinner (Jacket Potatoes with Cheese and coleslaw).

So this evening Kelly and I are going to wind down and watch CSI: Vegas... and properly go on WoW for a bit then off to bed.. then tomorrow I have promised to take Kelly out for Dinner, I was going to on Friday but with the fact Kelly and I are now going to Greenwich on Saturday, its going to be so tight doing every thing we have to do. Anyway its bfn I'll catch you laters.


Saturday, 18 April 2009

What a week!

Well where shall I start.... I know...

Monday (Easter Bank Holiday).

Well quite a good day, spend most of it in bed oh yeah, a bit naughty really considering I have to be up for work at 6am, on Tuesday and really it is that what put the downer on the day the fact that I had to go to work on Tuesday....... Didn't really do much to speak of except play Wow for most of the evening.


6am got up, 7:15 woke up on the sofa, as I had fallen of to sleep again, too many late nights over the long weekend, well work was really exiting stuff spent the day in a flat, clearing it out....

The flat was on the fifth floor of the same high rise flats that Kelly and I lived in. And I tell ya the place stunk of shit, puke, and piss, stale poo, old vomit and dried in urine with a mixture of cat poo an wee, lovely. I'm used too it really as that is my job. Its just not nice to go home stinking of this. Anyway whilst at work Kelly had rung me to inform me that she would be going to the pub with Tony's Family after the memorial service for Tony, which was held today. So I arranged to meet her there.

Well after work I had Tanis, so it was going to late by the time I got there. Anyway after work I went to see Tanis , which was great I sat and played Mario carts with him. Which he won AGAIN!.......

I then went home to get changed, so that I can meet Kelly at this pub, so I got home done the three S's (Shit, Shave and Shampoo), got changed and headed up to this pub. When I got there, and met Kelly. who brought me a beer, a Green King IPA. However by this point Kelly was hammered already and she is insisting that Her, Ivan and myself head for the rainbow for something to eat. OK fine, thats what we did, however 5 min's later whilst heading down Old London Road, Kelly informed me that she was going to be sick, so I quickly stopped the car Kelly opened the door and was sick on the kerbside..........

After about an hour of Kelly hanging out of the car throwing up I manged to get her to lie down with a Tesco's bag, whilst I drove her home. Before we got there Kelly had passed out, so Ivan and myself had to manhandle her out of the car and indoors. I manged to get her to the loo so that she could be sick AGAIN!..... And then to the sofa, where she crashed out again..... I put a bowl on the floor got her a quilt and covered her and sat at the computer and played WoW. Kelly then about 11:30pm woke up and decided she wanted a Prawn Kebab...... Which we ordered. We then went to bed about hmmm 3am..... The morale of the story to Kelly is DON'T DRINK WHEN ALL YOU HAVE HAD TO EAT AL DAY IS TWO WEETABIX (silly girl) but I love her.


Well up at 6am yes that right 6am three hours later. and got ready for work needless to say I wasn't in the mood for a lot of hard work, so Martin and myself decided not to rush the litter run.. Really Wednesday was uneventful compared with Tuesday. Just got to work as normal and home again... We were supposed to be going shopping but someone didn't feel like it I wonder why... :)


Hmmm Thursday, well again not a lot really got up for work as normal, went to work did my job came home and then went shopping with Kelly, for a few bits.


Well hip hip its a Friday, Uneventful at work really, not a lot to report, Went to see Tanis after work We had a party to go to that I was only informed of today, so I had to let Kelly know as I would be late home for dinner. We went to the birthday party fully armed with a present and card,Tanis had a goof time, and I took him home. Came home to Jacket potatoes, cheese and beans, lovely. Spent the evening on the sofa I didn't touch my PC until about 12am when I quickly checked my E-mailbefore going to bed...

And Today well today isn't over with yet so that's another blog


Sunday, 12 April 2009

The EASTER BUNNY has hopped his way through..

Well, Happy Easter everyone, I hope you got all the chocolate you wanted.......

Well this weekend end has been quiet, yesterday I spent most of the day in my dressing gown, until a mate from work showed up as his exhaust pipe had broken on his car, and made his Renault Meagan sound like a tank. He hasn't had much luck with his motor, he's already spend more than the car is worth on repairs to it.

After he went I sat and watch the Easter Special of Doctor Who, which was Fantastic as always.

Well today, I had my contact with Tanis, and Today I decided to taken him down to the Seafront and Crazy Golf which he rather convincingly beat me at...... After that I had a tour around Kim's new flat (Kim being Tanis's Mum). I came home too a nice dinner, which I cooked as Kelly wasn't felling too well. I think they enjoyed it no one said :( .

After Dinner we watch Primeval, and Red Dwarf Back to Earth, which left us thinking was it really the last one.... I am now about to play WoW.

For Easter I got two chocolate eggs one fro Kelly, and one from Ivan. I got one for Kelly which she didn't know about I got Ivan to get it for me in the week.....

Well I'm off now I'll catch up with you later.


Saturday, 11 April 2009

OHHH the weekend got here quicker....

That Makes a change.....

Well Work finished for me on Thursday thanks to this lovley thing called Bank holidays. So Yesterday Kelly, Ash, Josh, Rylee and I went down the town. We went down to give Michael thats Kellys daughters Beckys, Boyfriend his birthday cards and easter eggs. And yes we also had dinner there too......

We brought Rylee a 'In the Night Garden' Book its a childerns program over here it has a train called Ninky Nonk, and the main character is called Igglepiggle. It has others but I don't watch the program so I don't know.... Anyway after that we all came home we dropped Rylee back off at his mums. And headed home, which really isn't that far is just around the

Well its Saturday Morning and i'm not sure whats in store for me today so i best get dressed I suppose... So BFN

Sunday, 5 April 2009

zzzzzz...what the its sunday already .....

.....damm where did it go.

Its always the same you work all week, bored shitless cause all I'm doing is pick other peoples rubbish that they can not be bothered to put into a bin, and that's made worse when you clear an area, move on to the next area, drive through the area you have already done, and find its a shithole again. And then the weekend arrives which is a time to relax shoots past so fast you miss it...

Apart from that the weeks been ok, I had Tanis on Tuesday he is doing well, he's getting some good reports from his school, had him on Friday as well which again went well. I got him again today actually, which is were I shall be heading later. I got up a bit early today, I didn't really want to get up but along with my back killing and my head pounding I couldn't get comfortable again.

Not to sure what I am going to to do with Tanis today yet, it looks like its going to be a really nice day. Pehaps a trip to Eastbourne Sea front is in order..... Mind you I keep going there so perhaps Hastings Seafront, lets go local for a change......

Well at the moment Kelly is still in Bed, and the Dogs are snoozing too the only one other than me awake is Ying, whose chewing a cardboard tube.

So not sure what I am going too do with myself for the rest of the morning....hmmmmmmm perhaps a bit of WoW.

Well with what ever you guys decide to do today have fun doing it...


Monday, 30 March 2009

Work Today

Today I went from using all of thease....



To using this high tech piece of equipment...


hmmmm....... Not saying


Sunday, 29 March 2009

Yin & Yang

Well Yin and Yang my two gerbils have never got mentioned on this blog so, here they are.....

Yin & Yang

Yin is the black one and Yang The white one, not completely opposite as they are both They spend a lot of there time recycling our cardboard, they are very partial to the toilet roll inserts.....


And I kid you not this is the same insert 1 minute later....


Meanwhile Yin is normally perched up on the food...


So as you can see the gerbils are doing well, I am thinking of live stream webcaming them or is that


Its the Weekend again... Nope wait a sec its gone!

Opps its gone again, the weekend damm what I miss.........

Well on Friday after work Kelly and decided that we were going to go out for the evening, well we havn't done that for a long time so we thought it was about time. So we went to Intimo's for a lovly meal and a bottle of wine. After that we went fo a drink at the old Havlock Pub. Down there we met Ben, and had a few drinks. But Kelly and I have decide that we are both getting to that stage in life where a quite meal and a bottle of wine is enougth. So we have decided to go out once a month for a meal..... Just so we can break the routine up.

Saturday we got up late, well the night out paid its toll my head was killing me as was Kelly's I think, so I went to Tesco's quickly to grab a few bits for todays dinner, we then spent the rest of the day chilling out (Playing WoW).

Today I was my afternoon with Tanis, as it was a lovly day I took Tanis to Beachy Head Country Park to fly his kite, mind you the old kite is showing signs of wear and tear now I think a new one is in order. The view from beachy head is fantastic I took this picture, from the top...


In the far distance is Hastings Town, which is about 15 miles away from there. On the way back I stop off for some petrol, and saw this old time Bugatti, I as the gentleman driving if it was ok if I took a picture of it......

The gentleman driving asked me to remove his face a reg of the car...... So I have done


After that I took Tanis Home and headed home, were I am about to eat my Sunday Roast Dinner.



Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tanis Got Me a Bright Dragon!

And I mean a bright Dragon....

A Bright Dragon

Grumpy and the Dragon

The picture doesn't do the brightness justice but when I got it outside from Tanis foster parents, it was bright, I mean I could proberly use the colour for my high visabilty jackets I wear at work.

Anyway Tanis issisted on having a Party for him and me, and I had a chocolate birthday cake

Well the dragon is going to take up residence in the bedroom.....

Anyway thought i'd share what Tanis got me...


Monday, 23 March 2009


Well I was 39 today, and today went really well apart from having to work on my birthday, but it got better when I got home, firstly Kelly cooked me my favorite dinner Pork Chops, chips and mushy peas. I then got showered in presents....

All my Presents

Well to Start with I got this Watch from Kelly it has a real diamond in the 12 position

Kelly (1)

I also got this

Dunhill Aftershave and Shower Gel

Kelly (2)


A Concise Guide to the Stars & Planets

Kelly (3)

Kelly also had spent the time and made me this.....
March Gemstone Dragon
(Dragon Dreams)

Kelly (4)

On top of this I got from Becky this

A Jasper Conrad Wallet


Ok it does not end there

The Twins brought me
these two Books Complete the Trilogy I started to read
Can't Wait to get reading those

Ashy And Josh

Ok from my friends Rene and Tracy I got a big Bag of M&Ms unfortunalty no Photo as the M&M monster ate them...:(

But they also sent me a CSI: Las Vagas T shirt

Rene (2)

And this lovely wizard

Rene (1)
I had a good evening which iam going to finish off with a nice bath and a couple of cans of Beer... I do have a present from Tanis but I can't get that till tommorow when I see him.... Anyway BFN...