Sunday, 29 March 2009

Its the Weekend again... Nope wait a sec its gone!

Opps its gone again, the weekend damm what I miss.........

Well on Friday after work Kelly and decided that we were going to go out for the evening, well we havn't done that for a long time so we thought it was about time. So we went to Intimo's for a lovly meal and a bottle of wine. After that we went fo a drink at the old Havlock Pub. Down there we met Ben, and had a few drinks. But Kelly and I have decide that we are both getting to that stage in life where a quite meal and a bottle of wine is enougth. So we have decided to go out once a month for a meal..... Just so we can break the routine up.

Saturday we got up late, well the night out paid its toll my head was killing me as was Kelly's I think, so I went to Tesco's quickly to grab a few bits for todays dinner, we then spent the rest of the day chilling out (Playing WoW).

Today I was my afternoon with Tanis, as it was a lovly day I took Tanis to Beachy Head Country Park to fly his kite, mind you the old kite is showing signs of wear and tear now I think a new one is in order. The view from beachy head is fantastic I took this picture, from the top...


In the far distance is Hastings Town, which is about 15 miles away from there. On the way back I stop off for some petrol, and saw this old time Bugatti, I as the gentleman driving if it was ok if I took a picture of it......

The gentleman driving asked me to remove his face a reg of the car...... So I have done


After that I took Tanis Home and headed home, were I am about to eat my Sunday Roast Dinner.



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