Saturday, 6 June 2009

Its been a while......

Not quite sure what happened really I suppose life got in the way of me blogging, I have been quite busy of late and things have been going so fast this month it has been unreal, the problem I got now is where to start, as I have the memory span of a goldfish. So forgive me if this blog is fragmented but it can't be help.

Ok then where shall I start, Oh yeah Tanis to begin with, My Son is the most luckiest boy I know he has gone to Australia for 4 weeks, Brisbane to be precise. He's been there for a week already, and I had a few picture sent to be, I been Tanis has never been on a plane before, so what a baptism it was not only did he fly to the other side of the planet but he did it in style on the World Largest Commercial passenger plane the Airbus A380. He flew from Heathrow too Dubai for a couple of days then on to Brisbane. Where he is have a great time as I said I have had a couple of pictures and here they are.


Once I get some more I will post them.....

Ok so what else has happened, Oh yeah First thing that happens is my exhaust fell off my Car and cost me £134 to get it fix I mean it just happened to be the most expensive part on the system. Then my CV gator boot slips off the and sprays grease all over the wheels, that has now been repaired by Citroen after 3 unsuccessful attempts by A.T.S, they ended up paying for it, well they tried to fix it with a plastic Cable tie when really it should be done up with a steel clip, which is put on with a lot pressure. Ok so that the car.

What's next oh yeah the cooker, our 5 month old Beko Electric cooker went wrong about two weeks ago, and Kelly rung them up first and they turned around and said that the wiring is wrong, and if they sent the engineer out for that it would cost us over £50. So Ivan and I tried to fix it by replacing the mains cable, this was to no avail. Anyway after making sure that we have done everything we could possible do, I rung up Beko customer services, and I got an engineer to come out Last Friday after twelve. Ok great yeah right Kelly was meant to go to her Fat club on Friday but as she has been very active this week she's was a bit achy plus with all the stress of everything going on its taken a toll on her, I gets a phone call at work on Friday, from Kelly, I say Hello Babes as normal and I got I am fuming, instant reaction in brain ok what have I done now lol, Kelly added ' the engineer left a message on the answer phone said that he had called at 9:30 and no one was in, and that he had left a card. Now as you know we have dogs, and if anyone knocks that door Lindita opens up with a torrent of barking. and that did not happen.

Kelly had rung the customer service line again and they said that I never arranged a PM call, technically calling me a liar, now Kelly was in the room when I made that call and heard me state I want an afternoon call. So they had to check the recording of my conversation, which they discovered I was right I had, and the got the engineer to call ASAP.

Well he came in asked what was wrong Kelly said one hob isn't working nor is the oven he said that hob I presume and pointed at the one that wasn't working. He opened it up bypassed the thermal fuse and put in a new one, afterwards stating that it was a design floor with our model of cooker, he also said that the people on the phone have got no right to say what they said about the wiring. So now we have a working cooker.

Don't think for a minute I am finished yet, Our Kodak printer stopped printing properly and I had to in the end admit defeat and get it sorted, I rung up Kodak and they said it sounds like the printer head and that they would send out a new one, and do you know within 48 hours it was delivered. Absolutely fabulous service from them.

Ok what else, as Kelly stated in her blog and you may have read it thing normally happen in threes well try they don't who ever said that wants their brains testing. Cause after all this well I say after all this this was going on during all of the above our BT phone packed up so we ended up buying a new one.

Now I swear if anything else goes wrong I am going to just lock myself away and hibernate for a lifetime.

Ok so that's all the crap that has happened lets end this blog with some other news, Kelly and I are moving home, and have put ourselves on the transfer list, and are now waiting too hear for the survey guys to come around and inspected the property, before letting us on the list. So that something we both have too look forward too.

OH yeah Kelly and I bumped into some old friends the other day and went around their house, and have now arrange that we are going to start our role-playing hobby up again, no not that role-play the Dungeons and Dragons, type of role-play, we used to do that years ago. So that's good. what else......... Oh yes I restart my Chainsaw course on Monday, and I passed my level 3 land based Engineering course that I have been on day release too from work. I think that's it .........

Yep I think so if I think of anymore things I blog it at a later date........

Well BFN gtg dinner time

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  1. Well, sounds like you have alot going on. Sorry to hear about all your appliances breaking at once, what a pain. Thought Kelly had mentioned that you had moved already?? Oh well I am airbrained anyway. Good luck with it.