Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Lucky Escape

Well I just had to share this with you....... But I was on my way home from seeing Tanis heading for Tesco's when I heard a bang, The cars backend wobbled and I had to bring it under control, When I pulled over and checked the car out I was faced with this.....

"Fuck it" "Oh dear" I said to myself "thats a problem...." Luckily the nice man from the AA came out and changed it as I couldn't find the jack.... It was a good job it didn't happen this weekend or when I had Tanis in the car. This Weekend would have been nastier as Kelly and I are heading up to my Mums, and that's all Motorway..... Turns out that my Spare isn't clever either its buckled so I got to get that changed tomorrow..... More expense ah well.....

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ok lets try this blog thing again.........

You know I have been nagged at moaned at.... Threatened with sarvation of a saucy kind if I don't write a blog.... So here you go a blog entry.. I'll catch up with this later.. As I think I best just start again rather than try to recall everything. I have done....

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Its been a while since I posted but things have been quite busy here and the last thing on my mind has been blogging.

Work has been quite good since I got back there as I was off for three weeks in October with a bad back. Although many of the guys at work (teasing me) that I was just blagging it. We have had a change around at work and we have all moved teams again, I'm now on fencing with Bob whose the supervisor we call him Waz not sure why however.

I have just got back from having contact with Tanis, which went well apart from the odd shower or too, the weather here has been really bad the past few days, very windy and wet. On my travels today in the areas that my works cover I have seen a few fences down so I should imagine that I am going to be quite busy, for the next few days.

At the moment Kelly is cooking dinner, we are having a pork roast it smells lovely in the house. On Friday I surprised myself Kelly cooked up a Liver and Bacon Casserole, which I have to admit I was very apprehensive about, I don't like liver. Mind you that was until I ate this casserole, it was really nice, and I enjoyed it. Kelly said maybe it was a different kind of liver, as it was Beef liver I had, and it may have been pigs liver I had and that is a stronger flavour.

Well it should be an interesting week ahead so maybe if I have got the time I'll try and write another blog...


Saturday, 24 October 2009

Its Saturday Afternoon

Well, I am going to have to get myself in some sort of getting up early routine by next Wednesday, as its back to work again, and at the moment I have been getting up at 10's and 12pm's hmmm not good.

I have too say though my back is a lot better than it was not good but better, still a niggly pain there when I get up in the morning's (or is that Kelly) nope its my back :P

I got up this morning a swept the carpet, hopefully the new hoover belts will arrive soon and the hoover will get fixed. Today I am unsure about whats going on I was planning on going out this evening, with the Lads from work but, with the weather as its I doubt it, plus there's a slight issue of money that comes into it.

(Hang on I need to change the CD)........................................................

That's better was playing the Carpenters Gold Album but it was getting depressing, so Bon Jovi's Lost Highway albums gone on now....... :)

Well I best go an plan out the rest of my day, Oh don't forget the clocks go back here in the UK tonight......


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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bad Backs and Haircuts!

Well the weeks gone ok, the fact that I am off work with a bad back, hasn't made me into an invalid, although there are things that I still would dare lift. But hopefully I should be back to work next Wednesday, I was thinking Monday but I think the wiser course of action would be to use all the time I have got to get better.

Well Tuesday Kelly and I went down the town, where we went and got a few bits that we needed, including two shelving units for the bathroom, a corner shower caddy and an undersink shelve unit, both in chrome and look very nice, however the shower unit one is a headache the shelves, are loose on the collers that they are supplied with so I'm going t have to modify slightly........ Kelly and I also went to the Rainbow Restaurant, for lunch all in all it was a really nice day, it made a change as we haven't been out together for a while like that, so I enjoyed the afternoon. After I dropped Kelly off I went to see Tanis, who I shall say is doing really well at school, we spent a couple of hours playing Super Mario Carts on his Nintendo Wii, which I might add I won one race out of 10.

Yesterday I got my Haircut I felt it was time to get it shorted out, it was becoming a mess, so I got it cut short, heres a piccy for you to see,

As you can see it is slighly shorter than it has been, lol.

Well today I belive we are going out again somewhere not 100% sure but I'm sure I will find out, soon enougth. Well catch you laters, I got an appointment with a kettle and a coffee cup......


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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Off work

Well not a lot has happened since I last wrote, however the past week I have been off work thanks to my back saying its had enough and protested to function as a back should and causing me tremendous pain. Went too the Doctors and he signed me off for a week. Well that's all well and good, but there I was all set to going back to work, and bang it goes again, not as bad as last week, but enough to make me think about giving it another week rest.

I got the doctors again tonight, so I'll be off as soon as I have finished this, its going to be interesting to see what he says this time. I've been put on Co-Codamol and Diclofenac Sodium for the pain, it works and takes the edge off it, but its bloody expensive for prescriptions now its £7 per item on the form. I think the Government should follow suit to Scotland and abolish the prescription charges all together. But they won't it means more money in the Tax mans pockets, for the government to squander.

Well best sign off otherwise i'll never get to the doctors


Saturday, 26 September 2009

A lot has gone on, but I haven't writtern in.

A lot has gone on, but I haven't written in.

WHY? cause I forgot me blasted password again....... I have been fishing a couple of times which if you go to my fishing blog you can keep up there with that side of things....

On this one however its a bit more hmmm what have I been up too........

A Couple of weeks ago Kelly and I went to Eastbourne's Pets at Home and Argos Extra , I was meant to be paying for it but however it wasn't till we got to Eastbourne that I realised I had left my wallet at home! oops can't be help but hay I got it sorted I paid for the Tesco shopping, and Kelly paid for the other bits, anyway at the pet store they were selling really nice dog beds at half price and Lindita and Lupi needed new ones so we got them one each.

We then went to Argos Extra and Colin with the intention of buying Kelly a new PC desk buy looking at what they had (which was crap) we decided to get a big bookcase so we bought one. I expertly got it into our little Citroen Saxo. We came home and I put it together, Its now standing up in the front room with the few books that Kelly has got lol. I say few, but this bookcase is packed solid with books I think we need another one..... I have been informed there are Loads more at her Ex's house waiting for her to pick up. But Kelly dear NO! they are staying there.

I topped up both of our World of Warcraft accounts last week so I have been playing that again that for the past week its been interesting Kelly, Ben and I are running around doing some of the low level stuff we have missed. So that's been fun

I have been a bit worried about Lupi. Hes gone rather thin quickly and his appetite is normal and he is up to date with his worm/flea/tick stuff that he has. And his fur is fine and not gone funny other than maybe old age., I can't think what else maybe wrong, if he looks to be getting thinner, then I will take him to the vets. see what they say, :(