Sunday, 9 August 2009

Hell I'm behind again.......

Ok Ok so I'm a very bad person, I promise to keep up with blogging and I don't, not quite sure why perhaps its a case I haven't got much too say. Or maybe its a case of I never know where to start I don't know. Well I have decided. I'm going to start from here. And not try to catch up cause that would be a mission impossible.

So here goes Today being Sunday was my contact day with Tanis my 13 year old boy. I took him to the funfair that is in town, it comes down every year about this time as its carnival week..... Mind you I was most disappointed with it. They ride were crap and too expensive, I found out later on that Rye a town near by had its annual raft race today, I wish I had known cause I would have taken him there. Al the same Tanis enjoys himself with what ever he does he is a very easy child to please lol.

On think I well recap on is that two weeks ago my 17 year old son Carl came down to stay with us for a week. I have to say it was really nice having him here I got a chance to get to know him better, it sounds weird but he lives over 100 miles away. And when I do visit I don't really get a lot time with him. I hope that he will come down again soon. Christopher my other son hes 18, but hes more of a Nannies boy, Carl I think is ready to fly the roost, he has been dropping hints to move in with Kelly and me. May prove awkward as Kelly and I are hoping to move pretty soon, to a two bed house. That's properly closer than we think but we will just have too wait and see.

Tonight I think its a early night for me as I got work tomorrow but the same old crap.... Oh how I wish something just something exciting would happen at work then at least i would have something to say about work.

Also tomorrow is Kelly's 21st Birthday again, I have lost count the amount of 21st she has had lol at least 24 lol. So as its her birthday, I am cooking dinner tomorrow, mind you not sure sausage and chips will cut it somehow lol...

Well best go things to do......



  1. Have you got me a great big chocolate Birthday cake? lol

  2. I always look forward to hearing about Tanis and your days together.

    You better get Kelly a BIG chocolate cake and give her a hug from me.