Sunday, 14 June 2009

A week in the Forest...

Last week was a great week, I was on my CS30/31 Chainsaw course again, And all week I was in the forest of Herstmonceux Castle, It was great so stress free, and relaxing, even though I had to learn how to cut trees done and remember the information given to me by the instructor I still found time to take in the surroundings.

The course went really well, compared to the last time I did it. Last time I passed the CS30 but failed the CS31. Oh best explain them CS30 is the City and Guilds NPTC level 2 Certificate Maintain and Operate the Chainsaw, The CS31 is the Fell and Process Small Trees part of it. A small tree isn't Small as in garden terms its small iv forestry terms, up to 25ins in Diameter and anything from 40ft to 60ft+. The biggest tree I took down last week was a 100ft Scots pine. at about 24ins Diameter.

Everyone here was worried that I would chop of body parts, I think Kelly was worried about one part in particular....;)

Well apart from that Kelly and I went to our friends on Thursday and started up our old Gaming group again, it was like old times with the only person that has really changed is me, well I am a bit rounder now.... :)

Saturday evening Kelly, the twins and I sat and watched some films Hellboy II and The Ironman, Kelly cooked up some pop corn, I say cooked but the first lot she did was flame grilled as it caught fire in the microwave lol. Kelly's Belly played up big time last night, she had a very bad time of it, she was in a lot of pain, and it scared her a lot. Apart from that it was a good evening and hopefully we will be doing that every Saturday......

Well today its an unsure day I got painting to do but Kelly is contemplating going out, for the afternoon as its a nice day, so we shall see.

Well GTG I'll catch up with you laters

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