Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Day started with a Bang!

Well today was college day and All was going well until, I just pulled up at a set of traffic lights, went to put my handbrake on and BANG! Some idiot, decided to not concentrate and use my car to stop with......

I got out, as did the other gentlemen, to inspect the damage luckily there was none that I could see, he wasn't going very fast and the fact I had not put my handbrake on at that point may have helped soften the blow. Anyway we exchange details as I wanted to get the chassis looked at just incase.

Apart from that the day went well, got home early to find Kelly had gone out with the dogs which was nice, for her I think its great that Kelly is getting out more now, really happy that she is, and proud of her...

Anyway got to go MAY be walking the dogs again pends on Lupi, Kelly and their legs lol..


Sunday, 26 April 2009

A visit to a very small railway

Well as I have already said in my last blog entry today it was my contact day with Tanis..... I decided to take him to Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway. Its not a bad place rather cheap, It was £4.25 for me and £3.25 for Tanis. that gave you one ride on the train, the nature walk, and access to the model railway sets, which cost 20p to power them up. and play on the adventure playground, (Although I didn't see the small print saying recommended age 12 under, oops Tanis is 13). Members of staff were walking around and didn't comment

We had a drink, and went on the train for the second time and then headed for the gift shop, before which I manged to ask one of the staff to take this picture.

From the gift shop I brought Tanis a Green cap with the Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway's logo on it, and I brought a leather key ring and a thimble for Kelly.

All in all Tanis seamed to enjoy himself, and after dropping him off i headed home to have my dinner, Roast chicken with the trimmings yum.

ESAS - Royal Observertory of Greenwich trip

Well yesterday Kelly and I went on the Trip to the Royal Observatory of Greenwich (ROG), This is home to the Prime Meridian of the World, its basically the line where you all align your clocks too...... Its why you are +8(GMT) or -8(GMT), GMT = Greenwich Mean Time..

we have been before but we thought well its a day out, so lets do this again. At the ROG, they had a new Planetarium. So We thought we would give that ago. I have been to a Planetarium before, and it was that I believe that triggered my fascination for Astronomy....

The Peter Harrison Planetarium at Greenwich, has a cone which is one of the single largest uses of bronze in the world, It is made of nearly 250 individual plates welded together and made to look like on piece, the shape of the cone is related to the stars and unique to its location in Greenwich.

The whole Planetarium is aligned with the prime meridian line, the sloping side of the cone points towards the north celestrial pole.

The north side of the cone is aligned with the point in the sky perpendicular to the Greenwich local Horizon (zenith). The cone is sliced at the angle parallel to the celestial equator....

I hope I didn't bore you with those facts, but I found them interesting and its what I am into, so there I shared it :)

Kelly and I also went to the National Maritime Museum, the last time we went we didn't cover the whole museum so this time we just looked around some of the bits we liked before and the ones we missed, which included Lord Nelson uniform, that he wore when he got shot by a french sniper in the battle of Trafalgar, you could see the bullet hole in the Left shoulder, I always thought he tripped over the plague on the HMS victory saying Lord Nelson Fell here lol.

Anyway the day came to a close, and we headed home, I think Kelly had done a lot judging by the fact she feel asleep on the way home....

When we got back we went to the Rainbow for dinner and then went home. All in all I enjoyed the day the weather was nice, the company was nice. Anyway I got to go now it Sunday so its time to go and see Tanis.


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday and a day off.....

Today I had the day off work, as Kelly had to attend a pre surgical medical check ant the conquest hospital, I got up at normal time 6am as I didn't want to get out of my routine for getting up for work. It all went well at the hospital for Kelly they checked her for MRSA. Whilst I was at the hospital I read this poster and the things on it described me to a tea...

17" Collar
Extremely loud heavy snoring, often interrupted by pauses and gasps
Excessive daytime sleepiness, e.g., falling asleep at work, whilst driving, during conversation or when watching TV. (This should not be confused with excessive tiredness with which we all suffer from time to time)
Irritability, short temper
Morning headaches
Changes in mood or behavior
Stop breathing for short periods from 10 to 90 secs, ending with a gasp

Now most of that describes me very well particularly the; Extremely loud heavy snoring, often interrupted by pauses and gasps, Excessive daytime sleepiness, and more so stopping breathing for short periods from 10 to 90 secs, ending with a gasp. Which is worrying........ If it continues I think a visit to the doctor is in order.

After the hospital Kelly and I went to Tesco's for a little shopping, I also went to order my spec's, that I discovered I now need after an opticians appointment on Thursday.

After dropping Kelly and the shopping off I headed off to see Tanis. I watched him on his bike today which he is getting really good at and now he wants Daddy to take his bike up there so that he can race me lol....... After that I came home and had dinner (Jacket Potatoes with Cheese and coleslaw).

So this evening Kelly and I are going to wind down and watch CSI: Vegas... and properly go on WoW for a bit then off to bed.. then tomorrow I have promised to take Kelly out for Dinner, I was going to on Friday but with the fact Kelly and I are now going to Greenwich on Saturday, its going to be so tight doing every thing we have to do. Anyway its bfn I'll catch you laters.


Saturday, 18 April 2009

What a week!

Well where shall I start.... I know...

Monday (Easter Bank Holiday).

Well quite a good day, spend most of it in bed oh yeah, a bit naughty really considering I have to be up for work at 6am, on Tuesday and really it is that what put the downer on the day the fact that I had to go to work on Tuesday....... Didn't really do much to speak of except play Wow for most of the evening.


6am got up, 7:15 woke up on the sofa, as I had fallen of to sleep again, too many late nights over the long weekend, well work was really exiting stuff spent the day in a flat, clearing it out....

The flat was on the fifth floor of the same high rise flats that Kelly and I lived in. And I tell ya the place stunk of shit, puke, and piss, stale poo, old vomit and dried in urine with a mixture of cat poo an wee, lovely. I'm used too it really as that is my job. Its just not nice to go home stinking of this. Anyway whilst at work Kelly had rung me to inform me that she would be going to the pub with Tony's Family after the memorial service for Tony, which was held today. So I arranged to meet her there.

Well after work I had Tanis, so it was going to late by the time I got there. Anyway after work I went to see Tanis , which was great I sat and played Mario carts with him. Which he won AGAIN!.......

I then went home to get changed, so that I can meet Kelly at this pub, so I got home done the three S's (Shit, Shave and Shampoo), got changed and headed up to this pub. When I got there, and met Kelly. who brought me a beer, a Green King IPA. However by this point Kelly was hammered already and she is insisting that Her, Ivan and myself head for the rainbow for something to eat. OK fine, thats what we did, however 5 min's later whilst heading down Old London Road, Kelly informed me that she was going to be sick, so I quickly stopped the car Kelly opened the door and was sick on the kerbside..........

After about an hour of Kelly hanging out of the car throwing up I manged to get her to lie down with a Tesco's bag, whilst I drove her home. Before we got there Kelly had passed out, so Ivan and myself had to manhandle her out of the car and indoors. I manged to get her to the loo so that she could be sick AGAIN!..... And then to the sofa, where she crashed out again..... I put a bowl on the floor got her a quilt and covered her and sat at the computer and played WoW. Kelly then about 11:30pm woke up and decided she wanted a Prawn Kebab...... Which we ordered. We then went to bed about hmmm 3am..... The morale of the story to Kelly is DON'T DRINK WHEN ALL YOU HAVE HAD TO EAT AL DAY IS TWO WEETABIX (silly girl) but I love her.


Well up at 6am yes that right 6am three hours later. and got ready for work needless to say I wasn't in the mood for a lot of hard work, so Martin and myself decided not to rush the litter run.. Really Wednesday was uneventful compared with Tuesday. Just got to work as normal and home again... We were supposed to be going shopping but someone didn't feel like it I wonder why... :)


Hmmm Thursday, well again not a lot really got up for work as normal, went to work did my job came home and then went shopping with Kelly, for a few bits.


Well hip hip its a Friday, Uneventful at work really, not a lot to report, Went to see Tanis after work We had a party to go to that I was only informed of today, so I had to let Kelly know as I would be late home for dinner. We went to the birthday party fully armed with a present and card,Tanis had a goof time, and I took him home. Came home to Jacket potatoes, cheese and beans, lovely. Spent the evening on the sofa I didn't touch my PC until about 12am when I quickly checked my E-mailbefore going to bed...

And Today well today isn't over with yet so that's another blog


Sunday, 12 April 2009

The EASTER BUNNY has hopped his way through..

Well, Happy Easter everyone, I hope you got all the chocolate you wanted.......

Well this weekend end has been quiet, yesterday I spent most of the day in my dressing gown, until a mate from work showed up as his exhaust pipe had broken on his car, and made his Renault Meagan sound like a tank. He hasn't had much luck with his motor, he's already spend more than the car is worth on repairs to it.

After he went I sat and watch the Easter Special of Doctor Who, which was Fantastic as always.

Well today, I had my contact with Tanis, and Today I decided to taken him down to the Seafront and Crazy Golf which he rather convincingly beat me at...... After that I had a tour around Kim's new flat (Kim being Tanis's Mum). I came home too a nice dinner, which I cooked as Kelly wasn't felling too well. I think they enjoyed it no one said :( .

After Dinner we watch Primeval, and Red Dwarf Back to Earth, which left us thinking was it really the last one.... I am now about to play WoW.

For Easter I got two chocolate eggs one fro Kelly, and one from Ivan. I got one for Kelly which she didn't know about I got Ivan to get it for me in the week.....

Well I'm off now I'll catch up with you later.


Saturday, 11 April 2009

OHHH the weekend got here quicker....

That Makes a change.....

Well Work finished for me on Thursday thanks to this lovley thing called Bank holidays. So Yesterday Kelly, Ash, Josh, Rylee and I went down the town. We went down to give Michael thats Kellys daughters Beckys, Boyfriend his birthday cards and easter eggs. And yes we also had dinner there too......

We brought Rylee a 'In the Night Garden' Book its a childerns program over here it has a train called Ninky Nonk, and the main character is called Igglepiggle. It has others but I don't watch the program so I don't know.... Anyway after that we all came home we dropped Rylee back off at his mums. And headed home, which really isn't that far is just around the

Well its Saturday Morning and i'm not sure whats in store for me today so i best get dressed I suppose... So BFN

Sunday, 5 April 2009

zzzzzz...what the its sunday already .....

.....damm where did it go.

Its always the same you work all week, bored shitless cause all I'm doing is pick other peoples rubbish that they can not be bothered to put into a bin, and that's made worse when you clear an area, move on to the next area, drive through the area you have already done, and find its a shithole again. And then the weekend arrives which is a time to relax shoots past so fast you miss it...

Apart from that the weeks been ok, I had Tanis on Tuesday he is doing well, he's getting some good reports from his school, had him on Friday as well which again went well. I got him again today actually, which is were I shall be heading later. I got up a bit early today, I didn't really want to get up but along with my back killing and my head pounding I couldn't get comfortable again.

Not to sure what I am going to to do with Tanis today yet, it looks like its going to be a really nice day. Pehaps a trip to Eastbourne Sea front is in order..... Mind you I keep going there so perhaps Hastings Seafront, lets go local for a change......

Well at the moment Kelly is still in Bed, and the Dogs are snoozing too the only one other than me awake is Ying, whose chewing a cardboard tube.

So not sure what I am going too do with myself for the rest of the morning....hmmmmmmm perhaps a bit of WoW.

Well with what ever you guys decide to do today have fun doing it...