Saturday, 26 September 2009

A lot has gone on, but I haven't writtern in.

A lot has gone on, but I haven't written in.

WHY? cause I forgot me blasted password again....... I have been fishing a couple of times which if you go to my fishing blog you can keep up there with that side of things....

On this one however its a bit more hmmm what have I been up too........

A Couple of weeks ago Kelly and I went to Eastbourne's Pets at Home and Argos Extra , I was meant to be paying for it but however it wasn't till we got to Eastbourne that I realised I had left my wallet at home! oops can't be help but hay I got it sorted I paid for the Tesco shopping, and Kelly paid for the other bits, anyway at the pet store they were selling really nice dog beds at half price and Lindita and Lupi needed new ones so we got them one each.

We then went to Argos Extra and Colin with the intention of buying Kelly a new PC desk buy looking at what they had (which was crap) we decided to get a big bookcase so we bought one. I expertly got it into our little Citroen Saxo. We came home and I put it together, Its now standing up in the front room with the few books that Kelly has got lol. I say few, but this bookcase is packed solid with books I think we need another one..... I have been informed there are Loads more at her Ex's house waiting for her to pick up. But Kelly dear NO! they are staying there.

I topped up both of our World of Warcraft accounts last week so I have been playing that again that for the past week its been interesting Kelly, Ben and I are running around doing some of the low level stuff we have missed. So that's been fun

I have been a bit worried about Lupi. Hes gone rather thin quickly and his appetite is normal and he is up to date with his worm/flea/tick stuff that he has. And his fur is fine and not gone funny other than maybe old age., I can't think what else maybe wrong, if he looks to be getting thinner, then I will take him to the vets. see what they say, :(