Saturday, 25 July 2009

Bloggers Block

You know I am really bad at blogging, her across the the room is always nagging at me to write a blog, but to be honest half the time I haven't really got a lot too write about, or its a case of got so much but unsure how to write it down, I call it blogger

So here you go I am blogging, something lol..........

I can't think where to start its been way to long.... So I'll start again....... after the days gone, I think tonight we are planning on watching The Dambusters, with the twin on our Saturday movie night. I actually thought we were going to a barbecue... But that looks like its been cancelled.

I know my Mum and Dad were supposed to be coming down the last weekend in the month but unsure if that going on, as no ones rung me,

The past few days I have been really snappy, I think its a case of overworked, stress, and worry.

I have had Kelly with her her gallbladder operation, which has been stressful for Kel Kel's and a worry for me, in the same week Kim my Ex (Tanis's Mum) had a Heart Attack, so I have had the stress of that on top, Kellys op was about three weeks ago now, and shes still feeling yucky as she calls it, Kim on the mend she's a lot better.

Kelly and I, are planing on moving, we are on the homemove scheme, and waiting to here about the bid we put in for a 2 bed house. hopefully hear something by Tuesday next week.

Its been interesting at work, I actually passed my Chainsaw licence, and I got to fell some trees two weeks ago that was in a void garden, unfortunately a wasp nest put a sudden stop to me progress, got stung three time, my manager who is allergic to wasp stings got stung once. luckily it had no ill effects on him........ Got the wasp killers in to remove the nest a week later. and finished off the job. I did have a picture taken but my fellow work mate has been off all week so i haven't been able to get it off his phone. once that happens I'll update this blog with it........

Well I think today we have got to sort out this front room so I best go....

Hey what do you know I wrote a blog lol......
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