Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Day started with a Bang!

Well today was college day and All was going well until, I just pulled up at a set of traffic lights, went to put my handbrake on and BANG! Some idiot, decided to not concentrate and use my car to stop with......

I got out, as did the other gentlemen, to inspect the damage luckily there was none that I could see, he wasn't going very fast and the fact I had not put my handbrake on at that point may have helped soften the blow. Anyway we exchange details as I wanted to get the chassis looked at just incase.

Apart from that the day went well, got home early to find Kelly had gone out with the dogs which was nice, for her I think its great that Kelly is getting out more now, really happy that she is, and proud of her...

Anyway got to go MAY be walking the dogs again pends on Lupi, Kelly and their legs lol..


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