Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday with Tanis

Well Today was Sunday and that means contact with Tanis yet again..... I was all set to take Tanis, to Hastings Seafront, however Tanis had other ideas. When I got to his Mums Tanis handed me this leaflet and ask if we could go see the cars, the leaflet was about the Eastbourne Motor Show. So I took him there the traffic was an nightmare on the way, not surprising really considering its Bank Holiday Weekend. When we got there, Tanis soon found is ideal car.

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Well he likes sports cars and the colour green.

We walked around looking at the other cars, It made me feel quite old cause every model car I have had was there, except my Citroen Saxo, but I'm sure one day it will be come a After walking around the car we found a funfair and Tanis went on the Dodgems. And a couple of side stalls. Before we headed home. The drive home was just as bad as getting there.

Well that's my day well afternoon anyway.


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