Sunday, 26 April 2009

A visit to a very small railway

Well as I have already said in my last blog entry today it was my contact day with Tanis..... I decided to take him to Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway. Its not a bad place rather cheap, It was £4.25 for me and £3.25 for Tanis. that gave you one ride on the train, the nature walk, and access to the model railway sets, which cost 20p to power them up. and play on the adventure playground, (Although I didn't see the small print saying recommended age 12 under, oops Tanis is 13). Members of staff were walking around and didn't comment

We had a drink, and went on the train for the second time and then headed for the gift shop, before which I manged to ask one of the staff to take this picture.

From the gift shop I brought Tanis a Green cap with the Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway's logo on it, and I brought a leather key ring and a thimble for Kelly.

All in all Tanis seamed to enjoy himself, and after dropping him off i headed home to have my dinner, Roast chicken with the trimmings yum.

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