Sunday, 17 May 2009

Opps, has it been that long.......

Well has it really been that long, since I last wrote tut tut naughty me, slap my wrist's. Well I'll try and catch every up with you but I'll properly skip a few things. As I can't really remember the whole detail.

Ok here goes, two weeks ago I was driving to college when I started to here a rumbling sound coming from my engine, now either someone had increase my engine size overnight and changed the bore on my exhaust. Or my exhaust was about to blow out. Well gets home early and I check out the exhaust pipe yep a small hole had appeared by the joint to the middle from the front pipe, ok I thought that will last till I get paid.

Next day gets up as normal to go to work, gets in the car pulls off not less than 50yds later cluck the exhaust drops off...... grrrrr. But wow the car sounded like a monster truck...... So I quickly got out my pushbike and cycled into work. In fact that what I did until last Thursday. Now Pay day for me is the 20th of every month and I couldn't afford the £134 pounds for the part until then, It was that much as the section that had gone had the Catalytic converter on it, the most expensive part on the exhaust and it goes.

Well anyway Kim my Ex wife (Tanis Mum) offered me the money to get it fixed, as this Sunday Today is the last time I will get to take Tanis special as next Sunday he leaves for Brisbane Australia, luckily toad. Tanis is going to have a baptism into flying in big style I mean the other side of the world, You can't beat that unless you want to holiday on the International Space Station,lol. So thanks to Kim I got that fixed and the car now sounds so quite I have to rev it every now and then to check the engine is still running lol.

Friday evening just gone Kelly, Ben and myself went to the Windmill for something to eat, which was nice. Yesterday Kelly and I went shopping at Tesco's and spent most of the day chilling out.

Today it was my time with Tanis, and when I got there I was informed that Tanis had been given the money to buy a hamster and cage and Tanis wanted Daddy to help him choose one so after an afternoon spent along the seafront I took Tanis to the Pets at home store in Bexhill, where he chose a cute white and tan hamster, I picked out the home and the other bits and paid for them. Ok easy huh oh yeah right. I gets all this stuff to Kims house get ready to build this cage up which is one of those that we have got for our hamster (A habitrail ovo suite), lines up the pieces and suddenly notice the roof was missing now this was at 3:4pm Pets at home shut at 4pm. I was straight onto the phone after ringing Keel's to tell her I'd be late home. The appolgised and said if I head up there they would open the shop up and let me swap it. When I got there they had built it up for me and they gave me £10 pounds in gift vouchers.

Well I got it back and set it up and Tanis put the hamster in, not sure what he's called her at the mo as I had to get back quick as by this time is nigh on 5:30pm.

Well that's about it I think.... I'll try and keep up with this in future


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