Saturday, 11 April 2009

OHHH the weekend got here quicker....

That Makes a change.....

Well Work finished for me on Thursday thanks to this lovley thing called Bank holidays. So Yesterday Kelly, Ash, Josh, Rylee and I went down the town. We went down to give Michael thats Kellys daughters Beckys, Boyfriend his birthday cards and easter eggs. And yes we also had dinner there too......

We brought Rylee a 'In the Night Garden' Book its a childerns program over here it has a train called Ninky Nonk, and the main character is called Igglepiggle. It has others but I don't watch the program so I don't know.... Anyway after that we all came home we dropped Rylee back off at his mums. And headed home, which really isn't that far is just around the

Well its Saturday Morning and i'm not sure whats in store for me today so i best get dressed I suppose... So BFN


  1. You know more than me so you must have watched it lol.