Sunday, 12 April 2009

The EASTER BUNNY has hopped his way through..

Well, Happy Easter everyone, I hope you got all the chocolate you wanted.......

Well this weekend end has been quiet, yesterday I spent most of the day in my dressing gown, until a mate from work showed up as his exhaust pipe had broken on his car, and made his Renault Meagan sound like a tank. He hasn't had much luck with his motor, he's already spend more than the car is worth on repairs to it.

After he went I sat and watch the Easter Special of Doctor Who, which was Fantastic as always.

Well today, I had my contact with Tanis, and Today I decided to taken him down to the Seafront and Crazy Golf which he rather convincingly beat me at...... After that I had a tour around Kim's new flat (Kim being Tanis's Mum). I came home too a nice dinner, which I cooked as Kelly wasn't felling too well. I think they enjoyed it no one said :( .

After Dinner we watch Primeval, and Red Dwarf Back to Earth, which left us thinking was it really the last one.... I am now about to play WoW.

For Easter I got two chocolate eggs one fro Kelly, and one from Ivan. I got one for Kelly which she didn't know about I got Ivan to get it for me in the week.....

Well I'm off now I'll catch up with you later.



  1. Thank you for my Easter Egg, love you! xxx

  2. Shame we don't get those shows in the US all the time. I LOVE Doctor Who, it is so cool. Have only seen a fery episodes of Red Dwarf, but it is really funny. Some of the humor is off for us Americans. Glad you had a good Easter. ILCS