Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Its Thursday and i'm bloggin oo er

It been quite weird this week so far, at work I have been made a supervisor for two weeks, they have actually let me step up a bit. I have been a supervisor before with another company. So it hasn't taken long to adjust. Its been weird cause people attitudes have change slightly at work towards me. Its like oh Colin's management now we best not say too much or he'll grass us up suppose that's normal with this Yesterday I had a supervisors meeting, and another meeting, with my line manger and his boss. Which went very well.

Last night me and Kelly went around to Kim's my ex's. For a cuppa, which was interesting, I ended up sorting out her PC. with Mozilla, and Twitterfox. After that we ended going to Tesco's for a few bits. That was it really we missed CSI Miami this week, but think is repeated again on Friday.

Today well it the same old routine to go, go to work (get wet as its decided to rain today), come home, have dinner get washed and change, go out, come home, go to bed........ Oh yeah there maybe excitement but have to see on that one.....

Well best go and get ready for work... Catch you later's.....

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