Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bad Backs and Haircuts!

Well the weeks gone ok, the fact that I am off work with a bad back, hasn't made me into an invalid, although there are things that I still would dare lift. But hopefully I should be back to work next Wednesday, I was thinking Monday but I think the wiser course of action would be to use all the time I have got to get better.

Well Tuesday Kelly and I went down the town, where we went and got a few bits that we needed, including two shelving units for the bathroom, a corner shower caddy and an undersink shelve unit, both in chrome and look very nice, however the shower unit one is a headache the shelves, are loose on the collers that they are supplied with so I'm going t have to modify slightly........ Kelly and I also went to the Rainbow Restaurant, for lunch all in all it was a really nice day, it made a change as we haven't been out together for a while like that, so I enjoyed the afternoon. After I dropped Kelly off I went to see Tanis, who I shall say is doing really well at school, we spent a couple of hours playing Super Mario Carts on his Nintendo Wii, which I might add I won one race out of 10.

Yesterday I got my Haircut I felt it was time to get it shorted out, it was becoming a mess, so I got it cut short, heres a piccy for you to see,

As you can see it is slighly shorter than it has been, lol.

Well today I belive we are going out again somewhere not 100% sure but I'm sure I will find out, soon enougth. Well catch you laters, I got an appointment with a kettle and a coffee cup......


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