Monday, 23 March 2009


Well I was 39 today, and today went really well apart from having to work on my birthday, but it got better when I got home, firstly Kelly cooked me my favorite dinner Pork Chops, chips and mushy peas. I then got showered in presents....

All my Presents

Well to Start with I got this Watch from Kelly it has a real diamond in the 12 position

Kelly (1)

I also got this

Dunhill Aftershave and Shower Gel

Kelly (2)


A Concise Guide to the Stars & Planets

Kelly (3)

Kelly also had spent the time and made me this.....
March Gemstone Dragon
(Dragon Dreams)

Kelly (4)

On top of this I got from Becky this

A Jasper Conrad Wallet


Ok it does not end there

The Twins brought me
these two Books Complete the Trilogy I started to read
Can't Wait to get reading those

Ashy And Josh

Ok from my friends Rene and Tracy I got a big Bag of M&Ms unfortunalty no Photo as the M&M monster ate them...:(

But they also sent me a CSI: Las Vagas T shirt

Rene (2)

And this lovely wizard

Rene (1)
I had a good evening which iam going to finish off with a nice bath and a couple of cans of Beer... I do have a present from Tanis but I can't get that till tommorow when I see him.... Anyway BFN...

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