Sunday, 23 August 2009

Not a bad weekend at all.......

Well this weekend was a pretty good weekend, Kelly and I went down the town on Saturday, we had a few things to get so we decided to make an afternoon of it, Kelly needed a new Handbag and Purse, and she wanted to go to Waterstones and but a couple of books, And to go to flibbertigibbets (or something like that) for her Yankee Candles. Me I wanted to go to the Fishing Tackle Shops, as I'm kitting up again to start Freshwater Fishing again, I have done it before but Years ago when I was a lad, and My Dad and me went. I can actually remember the last fish I caught and that was a 9lb pike.

Anyway we had lunch at the Rainbow, after a that a bit more shopping and we came home, was a bit of a rush as we had a BBQ to go to around our friends. Which went really well the food was brilliant, best BBQ I have been too in a long time.

Sunday went quick too, I took Tanis too a fun fair in Eastbourne and they actually had a Ferris wheel which Tanis and went on, as well as a few other rides, hes really starting to shoot up in height now he's nearly as tall as me now. Well that was my weekend.

Tonight Kelly and I are going fishing with Kelly's sister and partner, it will be Kelly first ever time fishing. I'll keep you informed of how that goes via my fishing blog. I do also have a book blog in case your interested.

Well I best get ready for work now.......


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Its Thursday and i'm bloggin oo er

It been quite weird this week so far, at work I have been made a supervisor for two weeks, they have actually let me step up a bit. I have been a supervisor before with another company. So it hasn't taken long to adjust. Its been weird cause people attitudes have change slightly at work towards me. Its like oh Colin's management now we best not say too much or he'll grass us up suppose that's normal with this Yesterday I had a supervisors meeting, and another meeting, with my line manger and his boss. Which went very well.

Last night me and Kelly went around to Kim's my ex's. For a cuppa, which was interesting, I ended up sorting out her PC. with Mozilla, and Twitterfox. After that we ended going to Tesco's for a few bits. That was it really we missed CSI Miami this week, but think is repeated again on Friday.

Today well it the same old routine to go, go to work (get wet as its decided to rain today), come home, have dinner get washed and change, go out, come home, go to bed........ Oh yeah there maybe excitement but have to see on that one.....

Well best go and get ready for work... Catch you later's.....

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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Hell I'm behind again.......

Ok Ok so I'm a very bad person, I promise to keep up with blogging and I don't, not quite sure why perhaps its a case I haven't got much too say. Or maybe its a case of I never know where to start I don't know. Well I have decided. I'm going to start from here. And not try to catch up cause that would be a mission impossible.

So here goes Today being Sunday was my contact day with Tanis my 13 year old boy. I took him to the funfair that is in town, it comes down every year about this time as its carnival week..... Mind you I was most disappointed with it. They ride were crap and too expensive, I found out later on that Rye a town near by had its annual raft race today, I wish I had known cause I would have taken him there. Al the same Tanis enjoys himself with what ever he does he is a very easy child to please lol.

On think I well recap on is that two weeks ago my 17 year old son Carl came down to stay with us for a week. I have to say it was really nice having him here I got a chance to get to know him better, it sounds weird but he lives over 100 miles away. And when I do visit I don't really get a lot time with him. I hope that he will come down again soon. Christopher my other son hes 18, but hes more of a Nannies boy, Carl I think is ready to fly the roost, he has been dropping hints to move in with Kelly and me. May prove awkward as Kelly and I are hoping to move pretty soon, to a two bed house. That's properly closer than we think but we will just have too wait and see.

Tonight I think its a early night for me as I got work tomorrow but the same old crap.... Oh how I wish something just something exciting would happen at work then at least i would have something to say about work.

Also tomorrow is Kelly's 21st Birthday again, I have lost count the amount of 21st she has had lol at least 24 lol. So as its her birthday, I am cooking dinner tomorrow, mind you not sure sausage and chips will cut it somehow lol...

Well best go things to do......